Feature Media is a full service video production company. They specialise in video production for businesses providing insight, ideas, passion and expertise to give their clients cutting edge films that inform, engage and inspire.

The directors wanted to work less hours and increase profits and identified a need for outside business knowledge and expertise to help solve the issues facing the business.


  • Turnover increased 50% in two years
  • Business now targeting a much more profitable client base
  • Time management improved and business more efficient
  • Directors more confident and in control of the business
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What We Did

  • Developed a Marketing Plan and strategy
  • Used Social Media to raise the profile of the business
  • Used AIDA principles to write marketing campaigns
  • Introduced e-marketing and a structured follow up process

  • Introduced a structured step-by-step sales process
  • Implemented a CRM system to manage prospects and clients
  • Tested and measured responses and enquiries

  • Provided support and accountability for the directors
  • Aligned the business with directors’ long-term goals
  • Helped the directors manage their time and focus on strategy

“Ian provides accountability and makes us more focused on what we’re all working towards – excuses are not allowed and this is a good thing. He does what he says he’s going to do and adds value to the business, our clients and sales have increased as a result.”

– Julie Tumilty, Director at Feature Media

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