The Passmore Group is a family run business that has been trading for over 45 years. They provide bathroom design and installations, specialist bathrooms and building improvement and maintenance for private and public sector customers.

The directors wanted to focus on growing the business and developing improved processes to increase conversion rates and sales.


  • Sales increased by 80%
  • Recorded best ever sales figures for the previous six months
  • Published a clearly defined Vision and Values aligned to the brand
  • Developed a structured meeting schedule for all departments
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What We Did

  • Created a bespoke, clearly defined step-by-step Sales Process
  • Created support materials for each stage of the process
  • Designed a specific set of metrics and KPI’s to help manage sales
  • Trained and involved the sales team to create ownership of the changes

  • Introduced a ‘Default Diary’ to allocate time to specific tasks
  • Used a Time Management Matrix to analyse work done by function
  • Setup a Meeting Schedule for management

  • Defined the Vision and Values for the business
  • Created a Strategic Plan to determine long term strategy
  • Freed up the time of directors to focus on strategic planning

“We have increased our conversion rate, revenue and sales and now have the time to focus on strategy for the business.”

– Tony Passmore, Managing Director at Passmore Group

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