Clark Business Recovery

Clark Business Recovery provide independent professional advice to directors and individuals who find themselves in financial difficulties.

The business was growing in an ad-hoc manner and the owner wanted to get some structure in the business and find somebody independent to act as the “alternative view” and advise on building a sales process that could be used by all employees.


  • Appointments increased 50% year on year
  • Turnover increased significantly ahead of the market
  • Staff more focused and team working more cohesively
  • Freed up the director’s time to focus on higher level work
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What We Did

  • Created a clearly defined Sales Process with key stages
  • Trained the staff on the Sales Process
  • Implemented a monthly Sales Meeting
  • Introduced a CRM system to manage prospects and clients

  • Fully rebranded the business
  • Implemented a structured monthly marketing meeting
  • Launched a new website
  • Created e-marketing campaigns and templates

  • Implemented systems to monitor work flow
  • Instigated a regular meeting to discuss issues with staff
  • Reviewed the structure of the business and planned recruitment around it
  • Used DiSC profiling to develop inter-staff working relationships

“Appointments and turnover have increased and I am a lot more comfortable with running the business on my own than I would have been otherwise. There is clear room for development and we have a structure that will allow us to grow.”

– Dave Clark, Director at Clark Business Recovery

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