Advanced Polymerics manufacture specialist flooring, coating and waterproofing products which they sell to commercial flooring contractors and blue chip end users in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

The directors were looking for ways to improve staff morale, grow sales and operate more efficiently. Next Level helped Advanced Polymerics to grow their sales, communicate better and improve the morale of directors and the team.


  • Sales increased by 33%
  • Cost of sales has dramatically decreased
  • Communication between staff and departments has improved
  • Staff morale has significantly improved and staff are more productive
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What We Did

  • Carried out a full review of the existing systems
  • Introduced a unique ‘order process’ that streamlined the entire supply chain
  • Implemented relevant Key Performance Indicators throughout
  • Created an ongoing review structure for all systems

  • Created a clearly defined step-by-step Sales Process with key stages
  • Defined the critical activity that needs to happen at each stage
  • Designed a specific set of sales reports and KPI’s to help manage sales
  • Trained the sales staff on the Sales Process

  • Developed a unique recruitment and selection process
  • Created Positional Contracts for every role in the business
  • Introduced a system to monitor and measure each individual’s performance
  • Ensured all staff members know clearly what is expected of them

“We have systems in place for every area of the business from admin through to specialist manufacturing. This allowed us to increase sales by 33% last year with no extra staff”

– Gareth Hart, Director at Advanced Polymerics

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