Strategic Planning

  • Define or re-establish your long term objectives
  • Align the Directors / Senior Management team to the long term objectives
  • Create a strategic approach to business growth
  • Benefit from an impartial facilitator who will challenge your perspective

Let Next Level facilitate a strategic planning day for you and your team. This gives the directors or senior management of a business the chance to get away from the day-to-day and focus on what really matters – the long-term strategy, direction and goals of the business.

Working through a flexible but structured process Next Level will guide you as you explore where your business is now, where you want to take it and what you need to do to get there, providing you with the outline of a strategic plan for the future.

Spending time on strategic planning allows you to consider what your long-term objectives really are. Where do you see your business in five or ten years? What do you want to be the focus of your business to be? Who will your customers be? Who will your staff be?

What changes will you need to make in order to deliver on your long-term objectives? What is the best way of implementing those changes and what goals and deadlines will you need to set for yourself and others in the business?

These are big questions that can often get sidetracked by short-term issues without an independent facilitator to help the process along. We will take you through this process, challenging you all the way, until we have the framework for a detailed strategic plan.

The longest journey, as the saying goes, starts with a single step. Business owners can see real and relevant results and change by taking time away from the running of the business to spend time on a strategic plan.

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