Sales Process

  • Increase conversion rates and therefore your sales
  • Improve sales techniques throughout your business
  • Create a more structured and systemised sales team
  • Qualify prospects more effectively and focus on the real opportunities

Next Level can help you create your own clearly defined Sales Process to increase conversion rate, sales, turnover and profits.

There’s a widespread misconception that selling boils down to the skill of the individual, that it’s all about how you ‘close’ the deal. According to the Harvard Business review 60% of business opportunities are lost simply through lack of a structured follow up, in other words it’s not just about having good sales people – it’s about having a structured sales process.

Every successful large organisation around the world has their own clearly defined Sales Process, with specific actions and responsibilities attached to each stage of the process. The same approach can be adopted with SMEs.

An effective Sales Process helps the sales function of a business take people from being prospects to customers in a consistent and effective manner. It also helps prevent time being wasted on prospects that are simply never going to be customers. Once in place a Sales Process can then be analyzed at each stage to measure effectiveness and encourage continuous development.

Next Level can help you build your own clearly defined step by step Sales Process and develop strategies to ensure that each individual step is as effective as possible; analysing how you currently sell and overcoming stages in a sale that are problematic.

This will allow average sales people to become great sales people and great sales people to become world class! And the best thing about having an effective Sales Process in place is that it becomes an integral part of the business and can’t walk out of the door like sales people can.

Working with Next Level you will develop a bespoke sales process that works specifically for your business with the supporting materials, methodologies, sales training and specific tactics needed for each stage of the sales process.

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