Recruitment Process

  • Attract and employ better people
  • Create a streamlined process
  • Clarify the specific roles in your business
  • Support your ongoing review process

Next Level have a unique approach to recruitment that allows you to consider a much larger number of candidates in less time than you traditionally would spend on recruitment and ultimately leads to you recruiting a higher calibre of people.

We call this process ‘De-selection’ and it’s designed to identify candidates who will complement your existing team and fit in with your culture without you spending days wading through CVs and interviewing every candidate.

Firstly we need to create a clearly documented description of the role and what is expected – we call this document a Positional Contract.

Then we create a series of ‘hurdles’ for the candidates to get over in order to move on to the next stage of the process, each of which we create clearly defined scoring mechanisms for. These ‘hurdles’ would differ dramatically in detail in order to be relevant to the specifics of the role, but would include some of the following:

CV Scoring, Telephone Screening, Aptitude Tests, Skills Tests, Team Exercises, Individual Exercises, Role Specific Task and Psychometric Tests.

Once a de-selection process has been created it will typically take no more than 5 or 6 hours in total to manage candidates through the entire process from application to job offer, responsibility for much if not all of this can be given to the relevant department heads.

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