One-To-One Coaching

  • A faster way to achieve better results
  • Get a genuinely impartial perspective
  • Benefit from broad commercial experience across all sectors
  • Be held accountable to your plans and targets

Let’s cut the fluffy stuff out and get straight to the point – Business Coaching is about making your business give you more money and take up less of your time. Simple.

One-to-One Business Coaching for the owner or MD of a business provides the greatest results and is the most popular of Next Level’s Services. It provides a truly bespoke and personal approach to your business development needs.

We are not life coaches. We are not counsellors. We are not theorists. We do not offer complex, expensive, hypothetical possibilities. We have not just been on a weekend course and decided to become business coaches. And we are certainly not gurus!

We believe that no matter how good your business is, no matter how successful you have already been, there is always more to strive for, there is always a ‘Next Level’. Business coaching isn’t for start ups it’s for successful businesses that want to grow.

We help clients develop practical, hands-on, easy to implement strategies and methodologies that are specific to their business and get real results. Everything that we do is bespoke to the individual client; we do not offer “one-size-fits-all” solutions.

Many of the most successful business leaders have a coach – a trusted advisor who works closely with them to help them achieve their business and personal goals.

A Business Coach operates just like a sports coach. A sports coach will motivate an athlete to achieve optimum performance. They will develop training methods, agree tactics, provide competitor information, offer support, help reset goals, keep them focused and drive them on.

A Business Coach will do the same and more. They will play devil’s advocate, provide an impartial outside perspective, help you identify solutions and hold you accountable to carry out agreed necessary actions.

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