What Our Clients Say

“Ian is different to most other consultants and coaches. Due to his real-life commercial
experience he can talk about multiple different issues as they arise and help you get results
relatively quickly.”

Christian Cain
Managing Director at Inline Health & Beauty

“I believed in Ian and trusted him to guide me in the right direction. I had had a bad experience before with coaching but Ian was on a complete other level, easy to communicate with but demanding when he wanted me to get results!”

Kate Eady
Managing Director at Space Creative

“Ian supports Burnley! He can’t possibly be in it for the glory! He is proactive and works along side you as a business owner rather than on the opposite side of the table. He has relevant experience to back up his views.”

CDave Clark
Director at Clark Business Recovery

“Because of Ian’s experience I felt I was dealing with a peer rather than an academic who was following a manual, this enhanced his credibility significantly. His easy-going manner also suited my informal approach.”

CJulian Field
CEO at Furniture 123

“I cannot rate Ian and recommend him highly enough, he has been a great asset to our business. What you see is what you get; there is no waffle, no pretence. Sometimes this can be tough with things you don’t want to hear but Ian is not scared to push you to your limit.”

CAndrea Jones
Managing Director at Jomu

“Ian is different from other consultants as he gets stuck in to the nitty gritty not just giving ideas from ‘gurus’ who write books, he has got a lot of hands on experience.”

CJaspal Basi
Managing Director, Basi Gas

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