DiSC Profiling

  • Improve working relationships in your business
  • Learn how to communicate better with clients and prospects
  • Recruit the right person for a particular role
  • Improve sales techniques

Developed in the 1920s DiSC is the leading personal assessment tool world-wide. It is regularly used by over 100 million people to improve productivity, teamwork, and communication.

There are many ways of evaluating an individual’s skills or approach, and predicting their likely behaviour from the results. At one end of the scale are fairly simple tests designed to evaluate specific skills and abilities, such as a driving test. At the other end of the scale lie batteries of personality tests, designed to build as complete a picture of a person’s personality as possible.

DiSC lies somewhere between these two. It’s an easy and quick to take test that can be used to predict the behaviour of individuals when they work on their own and with others.

DiSC helps you understand your own behaviour – why you react the way you do in situations or with other people and allows you to understand other people’s behaviour and predict how they might react.

DiSC helps you as an employer understand how to communicate to your individual team members in a way that ensures maximum performance, and allows your team members in turn to understand how to communicate with each other.

We do this by testing you and your team and providing a bespoke report that matches the individual’s personality type with one of the DiSC profiles. This report provides information on the individual’s key strengths and tendencies as well as tips on how to improve effectiveness.

DiSC profiling can be used individually or for a larger group or team and is delivered alongside a presentation explaining the process and personality types along with useful resources for utilising DiSC in everyday communication and teamwork.

We also provide DiSC reports as part of a recruitment process to make sure you find the right candidate for your role.

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