Established in 2004 Space Creative is a full service design agency covering all aspects of graphic and web design. Their clients range from small private businesses right through to large public sector organisations.

The business wanted to put in place processes and systems as the company and staff grew. The MD was seeking guidance on communication, management and leadership skills and to develop a strategic plan for the future.


  • Clearly defined systems mean the business is far more efficient
  • Improved communication has led to increased productivity
  • Individual team members interact far more positively with others
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What We Did

  • Documented a Workflow Process for the entire company
  • Introduced Daily Task Management structure for individual team members
  • Created a defined Sales and Marketing Process

“Working with Next Level we created simple systems that all the team bought into. We made sure we wrote these down so even our clients know what the ‘Space Way’ is. Simple and very effective!”

– Kate Eady, Managing Director at Space Creative

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